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Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The Cardinal & Gold Football Foundation is excited to announce a Golf Tournament Fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting the CHC Football program!

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ALERT: 101st Turkey Bowl Canceled;  Remainder of the Cardinals 2020 Season Scrapped

The 101st Turkey Bowl, scheduled for Thanksgiving morning, has been officially canceled.  This was announced on Saturday in a joint-statement released by the administrations of CHC and Loyola.  The link is shown below.  


Despite rumors that the game is simply being delayed and could be played later in the academic year, the Cardinal & Gold Football Foundation has learned that the game against Loyola will not be held this year and the CHC football season has officially ended.

This is a very disappointing outcome for the Cardinals players, coaches, parents, student body, alumni and supporters.  Despite the extreme disappointment and frustration of a canceled Turkey Bowl and abbreviated season, we are excited about the future of CHC Football and new initiatives within the Foundation in the near future.  We will continue to keep everyone updated as we proceed forward.

We wish everyone, their families, and loved ones, a safe & blessed Thanksgiving.

Calvert Hall Football Crab Feast Raffle
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Calvert Hall Football Video Clip Thanksgiving 1969

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